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six the musical songs

Six the Musical Songs and the Stories which Inspired them

For those captivated by the UK theatre scene, Six the Musical stands out as a vibrant retelling of the tales of Henry VIII’s six wives. But it’s not just the history that makes it captivating; it’s the soundtrack.

Each song is meticulously crafted to give a voice to these queens, transforming them from mere historical figures into vibrant pop stars.

Key Takeaways

  • Six the Musical: The musical brings to life the stories of Henry VIII’s six wives through a vibrant soundtrack, transforming them from historical figures into pop stars.
  • Songs Tell Stories: Each song in the musical is carefully crafted to represent a queen, highlighting her distinct personality and life story, making them relatable figures in today’s world.
  • Experience the Musical: For an unforgettable experience, a visit to the Vaudeville Theatre or catching the UK tour of Six the Musical is highly recommended.

Jane Seymour henry viii's third wife singing heart of stone

Six the Musical Songs

Ever wonder what each song in Six the Musical is about? Let’s dive in and see which queen sings what and why!

Ex-Wives – All the Wives

Setting the stage for a musical journey, this song introduces listeners to all the six queens. It’s a powerful ensemble piece that emphasises that while they might be known collectively as Henry VIII’s wives, each had her own story to tell.

The song is reminiscent of a girl group anthem, unifying the queens while highlighting their distinct personalities.

No Way – Catherine of Aragon

As Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine was resolute in her refusal to annul their marriage. This song captures her defiance and determination, asserting that she won’t be easily dismissed or replaced.

Don’t Lose Ur Head – Anne Boleyn:

A playful yet poignant track, this number delves into the life of Anne Boleyn, the second wife. Known for her wit and charm, Anne’s tragic end is cheekily referenced in the title. The upbeat tempo contrasts with the darker undertones of her story.

Heart of Stone – Jane Seymour

A heartfelt ballad that stands out in the soundtrack. Jane, known as Henry VIII’s third wife and the only one to bear him a male heir, sings of genuine love, loyalty, and the heartbreak that comes with it.

Haus of Holbein – All the Wives

A lively interlude, this song is about the famous German artist, Holbein, who painted the Tudor court. It’s a humorous take on the importance of appearances and the lengths the queens went to in order to look their best.

Get Down – Anna of Cleves:

“Get Down” is a celebration of Anna, Henry VIII’s fourth wife, this song showcases her confidence and contentment post-annulment. She might not have been queen for long, but she certainly knew how to live life to the fullest.

All You Wanna Do – Katherine Howard

A track that starts playfully but gradually reveals the tragic story of Katherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife. Through catchy beats, it touches upon her youthful naivety and the exploitations she faced.

I Don’t Need Your Love – Catherine Parr

The final wife and the one who outlived Henry, Catherine Parr’s song is an anthem of independence and resilience. It highlights her role not just as a wife, but as a scholar, author, and a woman ahead of her time.

Six – All the Wives

The grand finale, this song brings all the queens back together for a final number. It’s an empowering anthem that underscores the unity of the six queens.

Rather than being remembered as just Henry VIII’s wives, they assert their individual identities and legacies, culminating in a spectacular group performance.

Final Word

The songs of Six the Musical aren’t just tunes; they are narratives, each giving voice to a queen, making them more than just Henry VIII’s wives. They become relatable figures, each with a story that resonates even in today’s modern world.

For those yet to experience this musical masterpiece, a trip to the Vaudeville Theatre or catching the UK tour is a must.

Anne Boleyn henry viii's second wife and Jane Seymour henry viii's third wife singing megasix.


Which song does Catherine of Aragon sing in Six the Musical?

Catherine of Aragon belts out “No Way”, emphasising her refusal to annul her marriage to Henry and her determination to remain queen.

Which song is dedicated to Anne Boleyn in Six the Musical?

Anne Boleyn takes the stage with “Don’t Lose Ur Head”, a playful yet poignant number that captures her charm and her tragic fate.

What is the song for Jane Seymour in Six the Musical?

Jane Seymour pours her heart out in “Heart of Stone”, a touching ballad that delves into genuine love, loyalty, and the heartbreak of being Henry’s queen.

Which song showcases Anna of Cleves in Six the Musical?

Anna of Cleves grooves to “Get Down”, highlighting her contentment post-annulment and her confidence in living life on her terms.

Which song in Six the Musical is about Katherine Howard?

Katherine Howard is portrayed in “All You Wanna Do”, a song that starts playfully but gradually delves into her youthful naivety and the challenges she faced as a young queen.

What song does Catherine Parr sing in Six the Musical?

Catherine Parr sings “I Don’t Need Your Love”, an anthem of independence and resilience, where she emphasises her multifaceted identity beyond just being a queen.

Is there a song that introduces all the queens together in Six the Musical?

Yes, “Ex-Wives” is the opening number that brings all the six queens together, setting the tone for the musical and introducing their collective narrative.

Which song in Six the Musical showcases the unity of the queens?

The song “Six” serves as the grand finale, uniting all the six queens in a powerful ensemble that emphasises their individual legacies and their collective strength.

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