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what is six the musical about?

What is Six the Musical About? What to Expect from the Show

Across the West End and beyond, there’s a musical sensation that’s capturing hearts and minds: Six the Musical. It uniquely marries history with today’s pop culture, transforming tales from the past into vibrant performances on stage. Through the dynamic voices of Henry VIII’s six wives, the musical tells a tale where these royal women take centre stage.

Key Takeaways

  • Henry VIII’s Wives Take the Mic: Get to know the six wives of Henry VIII as they share their personal stories through catchy pop tunes in ‘Six the Musical’.
  • A Modern Spin on History: Experience how ‘Six the Musical’ brings a contemporary touch to the tales of these historical figures, making their stories relatable and engaging.
  • Songs of Strength and Struggle: Listen to the powerful songs that highlight the resilience and individuality of each queen, from Catherine of Aragon’s defiance to Catherine Parr’s advocacy for change.#

What is Six the Musical About

What is Six the Musical About?

At its heart, “Six” isn’t just a show about historical queens. It’s a reimagined concert where each of Henry VIII’s wives gets a chance to share her story. The musical delves deep, shedding light on the experiences, heartbreaks, and joys each queen faced.

Though these women hail from the pages of history, their stories are told with a modern flair, resonating with today’s themes of love, betrayal, power, and resilience. Through powerful ballads and energetic anthems, “Six” lets these queens reclaim their narrative, emphasising that they are much more than just the wives of a famous king.

Meet the Queens: Their Stories and Songs

Catherine of Aragon in Six the Musical

Catherine of Aragon:

As Henry’s first wife, Catherine was a steadfast and loyal queen. She faced immense challenges, especially when she couldn’t give Henry the male heir he desperately desired.

In the musical, her resilience shines through in her song, which captures her defiance against being cast aside for another woman. The beats and lyrics echo her determination to remain the rightful queen, no matter the odds.

Anne Boleyn in Six the Musical broadway production

Anne Boleyn:

Anne is often remembered for the dramatic changes her relationship with Henry brought to England, leading to the creation of the Church of England. She was vivacious, captivating, and faced intense scrutiny.

In “Six”, her song is a lively number, reflecting her feisty nature and the whirlwind romance that forever altered the course of history. The playful, cheeky tone mirrors Anne’s real-life spirit and her ability to capture Henry’s heart.

jane seymour in Six the Musical

Jane Seymour:

Often described as Henry’s most-beloved wife, Jane Seymour’s story is one of love, but also of tragedy. She gave Henry his long-desired male heir but lost her life shortly after childbirth.

Her ballad in the musical is heartfelt and emotional, capturing the profound love between her and Henry, but also the heartbreak of her untimely passing.

Anna of Cleves in Six the Musical

Anna of Cleves:

Her marriage to Henry was short-lived, and while many believe it was because Henry found her unattractive, Anna was intelligent and strategic.

In the musical, her song is a powerful anthem of independence, celebrating her life post-divorce, where she lived comfortably and outlived the other queens. The upbeat tune and empowering lyrics reflect Anna’s contentment with her newfound freedom.

katherine howard henry viii's fifth wife

Katherine Howard:

Katherine’s life was filled with both passion and tragedy. As a young woman, she caught Henry’s eye with her beauty and vivacity.

However, accusations of infidelity led to her tragic end. Her song in “Six” is poignant, capturing the duality of her life — the initial thrill of being the young wife of a king and the heart-wrenching pain of her downfall.

Catherine Parr in Six the Musical

Catherine Parr:

The last of Henry’s queens, Catherine Parr, was more than just a wife. She was a scholar, an author, and played a crucial role in the English Reformation.

In the musical, her number speaks of love, but also of sacrifice. It touches upon her life before Henry and her unwavering support for the Protestant Reformation. The song encapsulates her strength and her undying spirit.

Final Word

Six the Musical offers a fresh perspective on history, reminding audiences that behind every great king were great women. Each queen, with her unique story, adds depth and dimension to the narrative, making “Six” a must-watch for history buffs and musical lovers alike.

Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anna of Cleves, Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr.


What is Six the Musical based on?

Six the Musical is inspired by the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives. It reimagines their historical stories, presenting each queen as a pop star who shares her tale through modern songs.

How did Six the Musical start?

“Six” originated at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe before making its way to the West End. It was a student production by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss from Cambridge University that quickly gained popularity due to its unique approach to history.

Who created Six the Musical?

“Six” was co-created by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss. These talented individuals wrote the book, lyrics, and music, breathing life into the historical tales of the queens.

How long is Six the Musical?

The musical runs for approximately 80 minutes without an interval. It’s a high-energy show that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Is “Six the Musical” historically accurate?

While “Six” is based on real historical figures and events, it takes creative liberties for theatrical effect. The essence of each queen’s story is captured, but it’s presented in a modern, pop-concert style.

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