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Six the Musical Costumes

Six the Musical Costumes: A Detailed Look at Each Queen’s Costume

Get ready as we dive into the stunning costumes of Six the Musical.

These aren’t just clothes – they’re a mix of old and new, telling the stories of each queen through their unique style.

Each costume isn’t just for looks, it sets the mood for an unforgettable performance, adding a visual layer that brings the show’s story to life.

So, let’s get started on this exciting fashion journey!

Key Takeaways

  • Historical Meets Modern: The costumes of Six the Musical blend historical accuracy with modern flair, reflecting each queen’s story and personality.
  • Symbolism in Style: Every costume detail, from Catherine of Aragon’s gold to Anne Boleyn’s green, is chosen for its symbolic value, adding layers to the narrative.
  • Gabriella Slade’s Vision: The costume designer’s unique approach combines Tudor influences with pop culture, creating a visual feast that tells a story beyond words.

six the musical costumes

A Closer Look at Six the Musical Costumes

Costume designer Gabriella Slade has meticulously crafted outfits for the six queens in Six the Musical that not only represent their unique stories and personalities but also maintain relative historical accuracy.

By incorporating elements from historical portraiture, architecture, and stained glass, along with allusions to pop culture icons like Beyoncé, Slade has created a Pop Tudor mashup that dazzles audiences.

Each queen’s costume is laden with symbolism, providing insight into their lives and reigns.

From Aragon’s gold clothing to Boleyn’s green ensemble and Parr’s blue jumpsuit, every detail is carefully chosen to reflect the character’s essence. We will examine the significance of each costume.

six the musical costumes

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon’s costume, reminiscent of a wedding dress, is both regal and symbolic.

The gold studs adorning her outfit emphasise her status as the real life Queen Catherine. They may even be a reference to Henry and Anne Boleyn wearing yellow to her funeral.

Her costume also includes long sleeves, a design element that showcases her royal stature.

Subtle nods to Anne Boleyn are also evident in Catherine’s attire. For instance, the “H” symbolising Catherine’s familial connection to Anne and silver grommets that reflect the beading in Anne’s dress.

These intricate details strengthen the visual storytelling of the musical. They provide a deeper understanding of the queens’ relationships and historical context.

six the musical costumes

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn’s costume is filled with symbolism, from her green checkered top and skirt alluding to the poem “Greensleeves” written by Henry VIII about the real Anne Boleyn to her choker with a “B” signifying her beheading.

The green colour represents her connection to the famous poem, while the choker serves as a constant reminder of her tragic fate.

The costumes in Six the Musical skilfully blend modern influences, such as punk fashion and pop influences. Some examples include:

  • Anne Boleyn’s outfit, which not only tells her story but also conveys her character’s essence to the audience
  • The use of vibrant colours and bold patterns throughout the costumes
  • The incorporation of contemporary elements, such as leather jackets and statement accessories

These costume choices, under the guidance of costume supervisor Justin Allin, create a visually captivating experience that enhances the overall performance.

jane seymour

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour’s costume takes inspiration from Tudor architecture, with elements such as lacing, black and white designs reminiscent of Tudor houses, and an association with Tudor stripes.

Her outfit, with its skirt falling just above the knee and full-length sleeves, mirrors her conventional beliefs and modesty.

The white corset in Jane Seymour’s costume symbolises the qualities of purity and innocence that history ascribes to her.

The costume’s design, drawing from architectural influences, helps to convey her character’s story and personality, giving the audience a glimpse into her life as one of Henry VIII’s wives.

six the musical costumes

Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves’ red outfit in Six the Musical powerfully symbolises her strength, determination, and faith. The decision not to wear skirts in her costume signifies her endurance beyond Henry VIII’s reign.

In her song “Get Down,” she mentions her “faith to the higher power,” which is visually represented by the chains on her shorts.

Her costume also pays homage to the top she wears in her renowned portrait, with the sleeves on her fur jacket serving as a tribute.

The bold red colour and the absence of skirts emphasise her character’s resilience and unique story, setting her apart from the other queens outfits.

six the musical costumes

Katherine Howard

The pink and translucent elements of Katherine Howard’s costume in Six the Musical represent her youth, naivety, and sexualisation.

The colour pink, traditionally associated with vitality and femininity, represents her young age and immaturity. Her translucent attire symbolises the objectification she faced, showing how men perceived her appeal but not her personality.

The long sleeves on Katherine’s costume serve as a visual representation of modesty. Combining these elements, her outfit effectively captures her youthful, flirtatious nature and conveys her character’s story on stage, allowing the audience to understand her journey as one of Henry VIII’s wives.

six the musical costumes

Catherine Parr

The blue jumpsuit worn by Catherine Parr in Six the Musical represents intelligence, wisdom, and feminist beliefs.

The puffed sleeves, similar to those worn by Henry VIII, demonstrate her inheritance of his possessions and her position as the final wife.

The choice of colour and design elements in her costume effectively communicates her character’s essence and the challenges she faced as a strong feminist queen who outlived Henry VIII.

Her attire’s striking appearance sets her apart from the other queens, emphasising her unique story and contributions to history.

six the musical costumes

The Ladies in Waiting Costumes

The costumes of the Ladies in Waiting in Six the Musical merge historical motifs with contemporary fashion, creating visually stunning outfits that enhance the performance.

Their black attire, adorned with pearl headbands and ruffs, resembles punk outfits while also referencing the Tudor era.

The pearl headbands, in particular, symbolise Jane Seymour’s love for pearls, as she required her ladies to wear a large number of them.

These costumes not only add visual depth to the musical but also provide a nod to the historical context of the characters they represent.

Six the Musical Alternative costume design

Alternate Costumes

The alternate costumes in Six the Musical offer a chance to investigate diverse facets of each queen’s narrative and character.

These costumes add depth to their characters, allowing the actors to transform into new and believable people.

Designed by Gabriella Slade, the alternate costumes draw inspiration from historical influences, such as Catherine of Aragon’s portrait as a young woman, while also incorporating pop and Tudor influences.

The use of colours and styles not present in the main costumes adds a fun and distinctive element to the show, further enhancing the visual storytelling experience.

costume designer gabriella slade

The Six the Musical Costume Designer

Gabriella Slade, costume designer for Six the Musical, skilfully merges historical elements with contemporary styles, creating visually impactful and meaningful costumes for each character.

Her attention to detail and ability to blend styles from different eras has resulted in a unique and captivating aesthetic for the musical.

Drawing inspiration from classic paintings, architecture, and even Beyoncé, Slade has crafted costumes that not only tell the stories of each queen but also provide a visually striking experience for the audience.

Her work in Six the Musical has garnered praise and recognition, showcasing her talent as a costume designer in the theatre industry.

Final Thoughts

Six the Musical’s costumes are a testament to the power of visual storytelling, expertly combining historical and contemporary references to convey the stories and personalities of each queen.

Gabriella Slade’s innovative designs capture the essence of the characters, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience.

As the curtains close, the memory of these dazzling costumes lingers, leaving a lasting impression of the queens’ captivating histories.

six the musical costumes


Who designed the costumes for the musical Six?

Gabriella Slade, winner of the Best Costume Design of a Musical at this year’s 75th Annual Tony Awards, designed all of the costumes for the musical Six, including the alternate costumes. She is a British costume designer best known for her work in musicals such as The Cher Show and In the Heights.

Who wears gold in Six the Musical?

Catherine of Aragon wears gold in Six the Musical, representing power and prestige, and referencing Beyoncé’s own use of the colour. Anne Boleyn is represented by green, as a nod to the legend that Henry VIII wrote “Greensleeves” for her, while Jane Seymour wears white.

What pop stars are the Six characters based on?

The Six characters in the musical “Six” are based on popular music stars such as Beyoncé, Lily Allen, Avril Lavigne, Ariana Grande, Adele and Rihanna. Each queen reflects these distinct singers’ unique looks, sounds and personalities.

How do the costumes in Six the Musical incorporate historical and contemporary references?

The costumes in Six the Musical blend historical elements such as portraiture, architecture and stained glass with modern punk fashion and pop culture references to create a unique aesthetic.

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