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Six The Musical Costumes Explained

Six The Musical Costumes Explained: From the Queens to the Ladies in Waiting

In the vibrant world of Six the Musical, the costumes are more than just eye-catching outfits; they are essential to telling the story of Henry VIII’s six wives in a unique and modern way.

Designed by the talented Gabriella Slade, each costume blends historical and contemporary references, transforming every queen’s outfit into a masterpiece that brings her character to life on stage. In this guide, we will take a closer look at each costume and explore their meanings.

Key Takeaways

  • Historical Meets Modern: The costumes of ‘Six the Musical’ blend Tudor history with today’s fashion, giving each of Henry VIII’s wives a unique look that’s true to their story and relatable to the audience.
  • Symbolic Designs: Each queen’s outfit, designed by Gabriella Slade, uses colours, patterns, and accessories to symbolise their personal stories, from Catherine of Aragon’s golden attire representing her royal status to Anne Boleyn’s green checkered dress reflecting her tragic tale.
  • Creative Variety: The show features a range of costumes, including the Ladies in Waiting’s modern take on Tudor style and alternate outfits that offer a fresh take on the queens’ narratives, showcasing the versatility and depth of the costume design.

six musical costumes

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon’s costume is a powerful statement of her royal status and strength. Aragon’s costume features a rich golden dress with bold patterns, echoing her Spanish heritage and the historical portraiture of her time. The pearl headband and intricate designs pay homage to her status as Henry VIII’s first wife, with elements of Tudor architecture reflected in her attire. The use of gold clothing symbolises her wealth and influence, setting the tone for her commanding presence on stage.

anne boleyn

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn’s costume is a blend of playful and tragic elements. Her green checkered top and skirt nod to the poem “Greensleeves,” which Henry VIII wrote about her. The choker with a “B” alludes to her beheading, making her outfit a mix of flirtation and dark history. Inspired by punk fashion, Anne’s dress features silver grommets and a rebellious vibe that captures her spirited nature. The costume effectively tells her story while reflecting the historical influences of the real Anne Boleyn.

jane seymour

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour’s costume is a nod to her perceived purity and innocence. The white corset and black-and-white designs draw inspiration from Tudor houses and historical portraiture, highlighting her traditional beliefs. With long sleeves and a modest skirt, her outfit reflects her character’s conservative nature. Jane Seymour required her ladies to wear pearls, which is subtly referenced in the details of her costume, emphasising her gentle and loving personality.

anne of cleves

Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves stands out with her bold red ensemble. Her costume, featuring a fur jacket and chain details, signifies her strength and independence. The decision to not wear skirts in her outfit highlights her resilience and unique position among the queens, as she outlived Henry VIII. Her attire is a modern twist on the historical influences from her portrait, with a powerful statement on female empowerment.

katherine howard

Katherine Howard

Katherine Howard’s costume is a blend of innocence and sensuality, depicted through its pink and translucent elements. The pink colour symbolises her youth and femininity, while the translucent fabric represents her objectification and tragic fate. The long sleeves and round studs add a touch of modesty, balancing her playful nature with the sad reality of her life. Her costume captures the essence of a young woman caught in a dangerous game of power and love.

catherine parr

Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr’s blue jumpsuit is a modern representation of her intelligence and feminist views. The puffed sleeves, reminiscent of Henry VIII’s attire, symbolise her inheritance of his legacy and her role as his final wife. Her costume’s blue colour conveys wisdom and stability, setting her apart as a strong, feminist queen who outlived Henry. Her outfit reflects her unique story and contributions, making her a standout character.

ladies in waiting six

The Ladies in Waiting Costumes

The Ladies in Waiting costumes merge historical and modern fashion, featuring black outfits with pearl headbands and ruffs. These costumes add depth to the performance, paying tribute to the Tudor era while incorporating contemporary elements that make the show visually captivating. The blend of historical portraiture and punk influences creates a dynamic and engaging look for the supporting characters.

six costumes explained

Alternate Costumes

The alternate costumes in Six the Musical offer a fresh perspective on the queens’ narratives. Designed by Gabriella Slade, these outfits draw from historical influences and contemporary styles, adding a unique twist to each character’s story. Whether it’s Catherine of Aragon’s portrait as a young woman or modern pop star references, the alternate costumes provide an exciting visual variety that enhances the overall performance.

Final Word

The costumes in Six the Musical are a testament to the skill and creativity of costume designer Gabriella Slade. By blending historical and contemporary references, each outfit not only tells the story of Henry VIII’s wives but also brings a modern flair to their historical narratives. From Jane Seymour’s modest attire to Anne Boleyn’s rebellious look, these musical costumes are a vital part of the show’s success, making history come alive with every performance.


What are the costumes in Six the Musical based on?

The costumes in Six the Musical are a fusion of historical and contemporary references. Gabriella Slade, the costume designer, drew inspiration from Tudor portraiture, architecture, and modern pop culture, creating a unique blend that brings the six wives of Henry VIII to life on stage. This approach gives each queen a distinct, recognisable look while maintaining a cohesive group aesthetic.

How historically accurate are the costumes in Six the Musical?

While the costumes in Six the Musical incorporate elements of relative historical accuracy, they are also heavily influenced by modern fashion to create a pop Tudor mashup. The designs use historical silhouettes and fabrics combined with contemporary styles to make them visually striking and relevant to today’s audience. This blend allows the costumes to honour the past while appealing to modern sensibilities.

What is the significance of Anne Boleyn’s costume?

Anne Boleyn’s costume features a green checkered top and skirt, alluding to the poem “Greensleeves,” which Henry VIII wrote about her. The choker with a “B” symbolises her beheading. The costume blends punk fashion elements, such as silver grommets, to reflect her rebellious nature. This combination of historical reference and modern style helps convey her character’s essence.

Why does Jane Seymour wear a white corset in her costume?

Jane Seymour’s costume includes a white corset to symbolise her purity and innocence, qualities often attributed to her in history. The design also reflects Tudor architecture with its black-and-white elements, highlighting her modest and traditional beliefs. This costume choice underscores her gentle and loving personality, as perceived historically.

What does Anne of Cleves’ costume represent?

Anne of Cleves’ bold red outfit signifies her strength and independence. The decision to not wear skirts in her costume underscores her resilience and unique story among the queens, as she outlived Henry VIII. Her fur jacket and chain details further emphasise her endurance and faith. This modern interpretation of her historical image highlights her determination and distinct narrative.

How do Katherine Howard’s costume elements reflect her character?

Katherine Howard’s costume features pink and translucent elements to represent her youth, naivety, and the sexualisation she faced. The long sleeves and round studs add a touch of modesty, reflecting her flirtatious yet tragic narrative. This costume effectively captures her playful yet vulnerable character, providing a visual representation of her story.

What is the story behind Catherine Parr’s blue jumpsuit?

Catherine Parr’s blue jumpsuit symbolises her intelligence and feminist beliefs. The puffed sleeves, similar to Henry VIII’s attire, represent her inheritance of his possessions and her status as his final wife. The design communicates her wisdom and strength as a feminist queen who outlived Henry. This modern yet historically inspired costume underscores her unique contributions and story.

Who designed the costumes for Six the Musical?

The costumes for Six the Musical were designed by Gabriella Slade, who expertly combined historical elements with modern fashion to create a unique aesthetic for each character. Her work has been praised for its creativity and attention to detail, making the costumes a vital part of the show’s success.

What are the Ladies in Waiting costumes like in Six the Musical?

The Ladies in Waiting costumes are a blend of historical motifs and contemporary fashion. They feature black outfits with pearl headbands and ruffs, inspired by Tudor era fashion. These costumes enhance the performance by adding visual depth and historical context, making the show more engaging and visually dynamic.

Are there alternate costumes in Six the Musical?

Yes, there are alternate costumes in Six the Musical designed by Gabriella Slade. These costumes explore different facets of each queen’s character and narrative, drawing from historical influences and contemporary styles to add variety and depth to the show. The alternate costumes offer a fresh perspective and enhance the visual storytelling.

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