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Beetlejuice the Musical UK

Beetlejuice Musical UK: Is Beetlejuice Coming to London?

The Beetlejuice musical has been a sensation on Broadway, delighting audiences with its quirky humour and spooky charm. But will Beetlejuice make its way to London’s West End? Here’s everything you need to know about the potential UK debut of this screamingly good fun show.

Key Takeaways

  • Beetlejuice Musical’s Broadway Hit: The show, based on Tim Burton’s film, has won over Broadway with its dark humour and catchy music, and now it might be London’s turn to enjoy the fun.
  • West End Anticipation: Discussions are in progress to bring Beetlejuice to London’s West End, with fans excited about the potential transfer and the upcoming Beetlejuice 2 movie adding to the buzz.
  • Where to Experience Beetlejuice Now: While awaiting the West End debut, fans can watch Beetlejuice on its North American tour or online, keeping the spirit of the show alive.

beetlejuice musical uk

What is Beetlejuice the Musical About?

Beetlejuice the musical is based on Tim Burton’s iconic film from 1988. The story follows a recently deceased couple, Adam and Barbara Maitland, who find themselves haunting their own home.

When the Deetz family moves in, including the strange and unusual teenager Lydia Deetz, the Maitlands seek help from Beetlejuice, a mischievous demon, to scare the new inhabitants away. What ensues is a whirlwind of dark comedy, catchy tunes, and spectacular visuals that bring the story to life in a fresh and exciting way.

Broadway Success and History

The Broadway production of Beetlejuice premiered at the Winter Garden Theatre in April 2019. Despite a slow start, the musical quickly gained a dedicated fan base thanks to its remarkably touching show elements and the charismatic performance of Alex Brightman in the title role.

The show features music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect, a book by Scott Brown and Anthony King, and direction by Alex Timbers. With choreography by Connor Gallagher and set design by David Korins, the creative team crafted a visual and auditory feast that captured the essence of Tim Burton’s original film.

beetlejuice musical uk

Plans for a West End Transfer

There have been ongoing discussions about bringing Beetlejuice the musical to London’s West End. While no official announcement has been made yet, fans are hopeful. The success of similar transfers, like Moulin Rouge, suggests that the UK is more than ready for another hit Broadway import.

With Beetlejuice 2 set for release in September, the timing seems perfect for an announcement about a West End run. The production team is currently looking for a suitable theatre in London to host the show.

Potential Cast for the London Stage

One of the big questions surrounding the UK premiere of Beetlejuice is who will star in the London production. Alex Brightman, who originated the role of Beetlejuice on Broadway, has previously hinted during an Instagram live-stream that he would be interested in reprising his role if the show transferred to London.

However, at the end of the Broadway run, Brightman mentioned he had put Beetlejuice to rest. This leaves the door open for new talent to take on the role and make it their own on the London stage.

beetlejuice the musical

Why UK Fans are Excited

UK fans of musical theatre have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Beetlejuice. The show’s mix of humour, heart, and horror, along with its catchy songs like the Banana Boat Song and Say my Name, has made it a favourite among theatre-goers. The potential for a London run means that a whole new audience will get to experience the magic of Beetlejuice live.

Where to Watch Beetlejuice Now

While waiting for Beetlejuice to hit the West End stage, fans can still catch performances on the North American tour or even onboard the Norwegian Viva cruise ship.

beetlejuice the musical

Final Word

As we keep our fingers crossed for an official announcement, the excitement for Beetlejuice in London continues to build. With a stellar creative team and the potential for an all-star London cast, the show is poised to be a hit.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of Beetlejuice, the possibility of seeing this screamingly good fun musical in the UK is something to look forward to.


Is Beetlejuice the Musical coming to the UK?

Currently, there has been no official announcement about Beetlejuice the Musical coming to the UK, but fans are hopeful. The production team is looking for a suitable theatre in London’s West End to host the show.

When will Beetlejuice the Musical come to London?

There is no confirmed date for the UK premiere of Beetlejuice the Musical. With the upcoming release of Beetlejuice 2 in September, an announcement about a West End run could be made soon.

Who will star in the London cast of Beetlejuice the Musical?

It’s uncertain who will star in the London cast of Beetlejuice the Musical. While Alex Brightman hinted he might reprise his role if the show transfers to London, no official casting has been confirmed.

Where can I buy tickets for Beetlejuice the Musical in the UK?

Once the show is officially announced for London’s West End, musical tickets will be available through authorized ticket sellers and the official Beetlejuice the Musical website.

What is Beetlejuice the Musical about?

Beetlejuice the Musical is based on Tim Burton’s iconic film and tells the story of a recently deceased couple who enlist the help of a mischievous demon, Beetlejuice, to scare away the new inhabitants of their home, including the strange and unusual teenager Lydia Deetz.

Has Beetlejuice the Musical won any awards?

Yes, Beetlejuice the Musical has received several nominations and awards, including a Tony Award nomination for Alex Brightman’s performance in the title role.

Who are the creators of Beetlejuice the Musical?

The musical features music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect, a book by Scott Brown and Anthony King, direction by Alex Timbers, choreography by Connor Gallagher, and set design by David Korins.

Where did Beetlejuice the Musical premiere?

Beetlejuice the Musical premiered on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre in April 2019.

Is Beetlejuice the Musical suitable for children?

Beetlejuice the Musical contains adult themes and some dark humour, making it more suitable for older children and adults. It’s best to check the age recommendations before purchasing tickets.

Can I watch Beetlejuice the Musical online?

While there are no official recordings of the full show available online, you can find clips and performances from Beetlejuice the Musical on various streaming platforms and social media channels.

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