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Character Spotlight: Barbara Maitland in Beetlejuice the Musical

In the popular musical Beetlejuice, there’s a character we all love – Barbara Maitland. We’re going to discuss how she changes throughout the story, highlight her special songs, and compare her to the version of the character in the movie.

Key Takeaways

  • Barbara Maitland’s New Twist: In Beetlejuice the Musical, Barbara Maitland is more assertive and adventurous than her film version, adding depth to her character.
  • Barbara’s Growth: Barbara transforms from a reserved character to a confident individual in the musical, with her interactions with Lydia Deetz playing a significant role.
  • Barbara’s Songs: Barbara’s songs, “Ready, Set, Not Yet” and “Barbara 2.0,” depict her journey with Adam and her bond with Lydia, marking her transformation and acceptance of her new life.

barbara maitland in beetlejuice the musical

Barbara Maitland: A Unique Twist on a Classic Character

In Beetlejuice the Musical, Barbara Maitland is not just a carbon copy of her film counterpart. The musical gives her an assertive and adventurous twist, setting her apart from the more reserved character we see in the film.

This new take on Barbara adds depth to her character and makes her journey throughout the musical all the more compelling. The Barbara we see on stage is a multi-faceted character, who not only retains her original charm but also brings a fresh perspective to the story.

Barbara Maitland’s Evolution and Growth in the Musical

One of the most fascinating aspects of Barbara’s character in the musical is her transformation. She starts as a somewhat reserved and uncertain character, unsure of her place in the afterlife.

However, as the story progresses, we see Barbara grow into a confident and empowered individual. Her interactions with other characters, especially Lydia Deetz, play a significant role in this transformation.

barbara maitland beetlejuice musical

Barbara Maitland’s Songs in the Musical

Barbara Maitland has some standout songs in Beetlejuice the Musical. They beautifully depict her journey with Adam and her bond with Lydia.

Let’s take a closer look at Barbara Maitland’s songs:

Ready, Set, Not Yet:

This song is a duet between Barbara and Adam, where they express their apprehensions about starting a family. The song creatively explores their fears, insecurities, and the pressures they face about having a baby.

It touches upon their concerns about perfection, readiness, financial stability, and the enormous responsibility of parenthood. Despite societal pressures and their own expectations, they decide to wait until they feel completely prepared for this life-changing event.

Barbara 2.0:

This is a pivotal solo by Barbara Maitland in which she faces her fears and begins to embrace her new ghostly abilities. The song marks a significant transformation in Barbara’s character, transitioning from lamenting her past life to accepting her present reality.

It also underscores Barbara’s decision to use her new existence to have a positive impact, especially on the character of Lydia. The culmination of the song sees Barbara proudly proclaiming her new identity, symbolizing her acceptance and readiness to navigate her new life.

barbara maitland beetlejuice musical


Barbara Maitland’s character in Beetlejuice the Musical is a testament to creative character development and storytelling. Her journey from uncertainty to confidence, coupled with her unique twist on a classic character, makes her one of the most memorable characters in modern musical theatre.

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