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hannah lowther

Hannah Lowther: The TikTok Star Who Conquered the West End

Hannah Lowther, a rising star in the world of musical theatre, has been making waves not only on the stage but also on social media.

This blog post will delve into her journey, focusing on her theatre career and how she gained attention by making musical theatre themed TikToks in Tesco.

Hannah Lowther as a child.

Hannah Lowther’s Early Life

Born in Basingstoke, England on September 11, 1997, Hannah is a musical theatre star and social media sensation from the UK.

Before finding fame on social media and in the theatre world, she worked at a Tesco supermarket. Hannah trained at the prestigious London School of Musical Theatre, graduating in 2019.

Hannah Lowther West End performer

How Hannah Lowther Became a Social Media Star

Hannah’s TikTok account (@hannalowther) boasts over 859.5K followers, while her Instagram (@hannahlowther) has more than 148K fans.

On both platforms, she shares musical theatre content and gives fans a glimpse into her life. Hannah’s tagline on TikTok, “Just a stagey gals life,” perfectly encapsulates her love for theatre.

During the pandemic, she took a job at Tesco Express. While working there, she began posting videos on TikTok, changing lyrics to popular songs and dancing in the store. One video that saw her views skyrocket was a parody of Dolly Parton’s song “9 To 5”.

@hannahlowther Another day in the life #musicaltheatre #stagey #tesco #tescoworker #fyp #singing #9to5 ♬ original sound – Hannah Lowther

She downloaded TikTok on a whim during the first lockdown as a way to communicate with friends and family. Pretty soon, her videos took over everyone’s For You Page (a personalised feed with videos suitable for you based on a TikTok algorithm) and she became the face of the West End.

Her TikTok videos have over 22 million likes. Just two years into her social media journey, and she’s now collaborating with a variety of world-leading brands.

Hannah Lowther West End Star

Hannah Lowther’s Musical Theatre Journey

Hannah’s first major theatrical role came when she joined the Heathers London cast as an ensemble member and understudy.

Her talent and charisma have continued to impress audiences, landing her a part in Spongebob the Musical’s UK tour.

Hannah Lowther in Six the Musical at the vaudeville theatre

Six the Musical

Hannah Lowther is currently showcasing her talent on stage as an alternate for Katherine Howard and Catherine Parr in the 2023-25 West End Production of Six the Musical.

Hannah made her debut performance as Katherine Howard on 12th November 2023 and as Catherine Parr on 8th November 2023

Brand Collaborations

Hannah’s online popularity has led to collaborations with major brands such as Samsung, Costa, Yo Sushi, and Now TV.

She has successfully leveraged her influence to work with these brands and continue growing her career.

Hannah Lowther at the Olivier Awards

Representation and Contact

Hannah is represented by Sharp Talent, a top talent agency in the UK. For inquiries and collaborations, interested parties can contact her agent.

Final Thoughts

Hannah Lowther is a true testament to the power of social media and hard work in the world of musical theatre. With her growing fan base and successful career, Hannah is a name to watch in the coming years.

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